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RGB Colors

"Hi… Its great that you decided to join me here… Do you want to know about this site? blushes… I suppose I could take a peek inside from between my fingers… Will you go with me? You can never tell what's waiting for a girl like me… Ok… Let's go… In a world overwhelmed and flooded by pornographic imagery and artwork, a fan of 3D adult erotica is hard pressed to find a site or artist that differs from the rest. Sometimes it's as simply as finding a different genre. And sometimes it's as hard as finding someone who doesn't use the same old programs everyone else is using. RGB? He does that. He uses something else, something different, and it shows in his galleries. Here is someone truly dedicated to moving beyond what everyone else is doing and trying something new.

You'll find the usual tentacles and tortures within this site, but you'll also find lovingly rendered anime or manga style ladies suffering the perils of the unknown tentacle. shivers… Oh my… Tentacled monsters are lurking here… You'll find animations of a quality found nowhere else. RGB is a master at his craft, and these women are so hot, you're going to explode. blushes brightly… I watched one of his amazing animations of a woman bouncing up and down as a tentacle invaded her privates it made me really hot. He's just amazing. The way the breasts move, the way her mouth looks like she's just gasping for air or in pleasure. He's un-imitated and impossibly impressive. shivers… I think I'd better go before I get into trouble… I enjoyed taking this little look with you… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


It's All Coming Together!

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